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The Present's mission statement is to provide quality treatment to support individuals in experiencing the gifts in the moment and remove any obstacles that are impeding that divine right. 

Many need to understand and release past blocks to truly appreciate the abundance that they possess in the now.  The Present was established by Joan Marineau. The Present and its associates are committed to individual, group, couples, family and massage services at reasonable rates.

Joan Marineau is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), Certified Addiction Counselor (CAP) and a Certified Imago Coach (Relationship coach).

She started her career in 1980 at Comprehensive Alcohol Rehabilitation Program (CARP) and was given the Distinguished Professional in the Addiction field award from CARP in 2003.  Joan has authored an article in the Counselor Magazine on New Outfits, a piece on changing old behaviors for new ones.  She created and hosted a 5-day experiential workshop from 1990 to 2002 that garnered International attendance.  She has facilitated a weekend recharge since 1988 and is joyful it continues each year at different sites in the USA. The Present Reunion is "like a family reunion gone right." (To read more about the weekend retreats click here.)

Joan is most noted for her imagination, creativity and passion for her work.

Joan can be reached by email at JoanisPresent@aol.com OR you can call her personal cellphone at 561-386-5178.  She is available via text at the same number.

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