For your consideration: When arriving in heaven, there are two gates. Behind one gate is a workshop on heaven. Behind the other gate is the actual entrance to heaven. At which gate would you be standing?

The Present Retreat is devoted to showing you how to walk into the gates of heaven and choose life and all it's riches.

We are honored to have hosted this retreat since 1988, therefore this is our 36TH year.  This will also be our last year.  

After many years of joyful reunions, it is time to close this format.  Who knows if there will be a Present Retreat 2.0.  This year we will be doing a deep dive into TIME.  

When faced with a health challenge most will say “I just wish I had more time”.  Many of us can be heard saying…”I just don’t have enough hours in the day” or “I’m just so busy…swamped…overwhelmed”, etc. Are there reasons some seem to have time to spare and others can’t fit it all in the time allotted?  The answer is YES!   Our cultural, societal, and personal beliefs shape how we perceive the passage of time and its significance in our lives.  This retreat we are going to do a deep dive into time and how to expand it and align with it in a positive way.  Caroline Myss and Caroline Mies (how strange is that) both have studied time and factors such as attention, memory and how emotional states influence our subjective experience of time passing.  We will have a gifted clinician look at how breathing allows us to experience time.  A catalyst class from a Somatic Experiencing (SE)  therapist who will explore the body time versus real time. This is just a small part of this extraordinary gathering.  We will have process groups, yoga, massage therapy, men's/women's groups, and most of all fun, fellowship and connection.

Seven years ago we opened the retreat to young people (ages 5 and up).  They must be accompanied by their parent(s) or legal guardian.  We have continued to expand our program increasing our staff to support separate groups for youth and teenagers.  Our mission is to pay it forward to the next generation, where the power of transformation lives.

Emerge from this weekend with a new, powerful understanding of your true desires, along with an unleashed passion.  Your participation will bring an abundance of inspiration to your everyday life.

Each participant will have an opportunity to step into the powerful "now" and reap the rewards. The weekend will center on experiential activities that tap into the abundance of the moment.  The weekend retreat has evolved into a "family" that embodies safety, integrity, curiosity, permission, and playfulness.  We welcome new family members with delight....some of the things that biological families may not offer.  We are hopeful you will join us.


Joan Marineau