From Joan Marineau, LMHC, CAP

Certified Imago Coach


This podcast was recorded on The Path to Authenticity with Tom Gentry,
The recording was aired August 2019 with the focus on addiction treatment in South Florida, Co-dependency treatment and Joan's personal journey into treatment, marriage, divorce and adoption as a single mom.


Hedy and Yumi Schleifer:  These two individuals have had the most profound influence in my life.  They were my coaches for Imago training.  They are gifted with enormous light and wisdom.  I strongly recommend any workshops they offer.
Sally Valentine:  Sally provided wonderful workshops on a variety of topics, however especially related to Tantric sexuality.  Visit her website for more information and her up coming workshops.  Valentine Counsel - Boca Raton sex therapist
Eckart Tolle:  Eckart's books, The Power of Now, and  The New Earth, are two of my favorite reads.  Recently I was informed that there are groups of people who get together and have silent meditation and study Eckart's work.   If you did not get a chance to do the class that Oprah offered the last two months with Mr. Tolle, they are archived at
Imago:  This is a specific type of relationship counseling that was founded by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.  This website will provide you  with a great deal of information about the focus of Imago.

Inspiring websites:

This is beautiful and has a powerful message:
Mary Robinson Reynolds | The MasterMinding Maven™ - "You Are The Light of the
Forgiveness Presentation - You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey from Percept

Staying Present as Opposed to "Spacing Out" or "Drifting Away" Powerful site created by survivors of trauma.  Many practical tips.  Make sure you have someone to process any written work.
The power of intentions is the focus of this website with a great explanation of process. (check out "tools")

Beautiful powerpoint on abundance and clearing space for prosperity.


I was very impressed with the production of The  Peaceful Warrior.  A movie that was released in 2006 starring Nick Nolte.  This was a book written by Dan Millman in 1980 with a powerful message.  
The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls.  A memoir of her life in a very dysfunctional family.  Jeannette bring grace and forgiveness to her family life.
The Glass Castle: A Memoir -- book review   

Getting the love you Want, By Harville Hendrix   If you are interested in Imago therapy this is an excellent book and guide for all couples.  Check out the imago website  www.imago

If you are looking for a wonderful light read with much magic, read  
Marley and Me  by John Grogan

Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin;  What an inspiring book about a man of few means making a world of difference for so many.  A wonderful read.

The Next Place by Warren Hanson.  This book was given to me by someone very special.  It is a message of support to those who are experience loss/death.  It is a magical book and my hope to experience the images in this life.

The Shack by William P. Young:  This book is spiritually compelling and enlightening.  It helps understand when bad things happen and a way to hold on to your faith.  I loved it.

Emmanuel's Book compiled by Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton:  This book was given to me by a dear colleague for my birthday.  What a wonderful soothing book of inspiration and comfort.  I would invite you to pick it up and experience the Ahhhhhh.

One month to live...Thirty days to a no regrets life by Kerry and Chris Shook:  This book is fabulous.  It is a celebration of living in the present and enjoying the bliss that God provided in this human experience.  I highly recommend it.  Take the 30 day challenge.