Joan Marineau, LMHC, CAP
She has been in private practice at the Present since 1990. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Addiction Professional, and an Imago relationship coach.  She enters 2023 with so much appreciation for the 35 years she has been involved in the weekend retreats. The "Present Retreat"  truly captures her experience of a family in it highest light.


Judy Heidrich, MS, LMHC

Judy is a Licensed Psychotherapist, SoulCollageĀ® Facilitator and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner.  She specializes in trauma resolution and psychospiritual transformation via multiple integrated mind/body modalities and approaches. She has been in private practice since 1995.

Judy became a SoulCollageĀ® Facilitator in 2012 and facilitates both public and private SoulCollageĀ® groups and workshops. She was certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner in 1999 and has been teaching and incorporating energy based modalities into every aspect of her work, while collaboratively incorporating a multifaceted and extensive business expertise. 

Jennifer Goggin, LMHC

She has been working with clients for over two decades as a personal coach and licensed psychotherapist, licensed in Florida and Connecticut. Passionate about the power of transformation in people's lives, she completed a three year Post Graduate training in 2007 called Somatic Experiencing, a gentle technique that helps the body to release trapped trauma/tension and helps to heal and reduce symptoms which she uses as the cornerstone of her practice. Jen is one of a few fully credentialed SEPs (Somatic Experiencing Practitioners) in Florida at this writing. Currently, Jen is in private practice and has blended the work of Diane Poole Heller, Debbie Ford, Dan Siegel, Peter Levine, Carl Jung and Gabor Mate in her work. She enjoys her four children, spirituality, the art of baseball and bargain hunting!

TImi Storms, LCSW

She began her career in addiction and recovery as a Primary Therapist in 2020 and was promoted to Clinical Supervisor within 9 months. Timi is currently in private practice and benefits from having over twenty-five years of human service experience as an educator and Licensed Massage Therapist working in community colleges, luxury resorts, chiropractic and hospice settings providing Reiki and various massage modalities. Timi shares a deep passion for the field of social work and mental health. Her ability to establish connections between physiological and emotional responses empowers clients on their healing journey. Timi works with adults 18+, seniors and couples. Her many hobbies include crafting using various mediums, baking, gardening, composting, reading, music and decluttering/organizing. Timi can be reached at or 561-762-2187.

LeAnn Hertz is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a private practice in Jupiter, Florida. Some of her offerings include Integrated Massage, Tibetan Cranial, John Barnes Myofascial Release and Vibrational Massage Journeys. 

She has always been drawn to a more holistic approach to healing and supporting the body. She graduated Florida School of Massage in 2016 and has been practicing ever since.  

Some ways she cares for herself is by practicing yoga, receiving bodywork, growing and preparing healthy food, being in nature and jumping in the ocean.