Joan Marineau, LMHC, CAP
She has been in private practice at the Present since 1990. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Addiction Professional, and an Imago relationship coach.  She enters 2022 with so much appreciation for the 34 years she has been involved in the weekend retreats. The "Present Retreat"  truly captures her experience of a family in it highest light.


Tonya Menz-Pignato, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  

Tonya has been licensed and in private practice since 1995 in West Palm Beach, Florida where she specializes in codependency, adult child of dysfunctional family issues, trauma, and inner family healing work.
She has had extensive training in experiential and psycho-drama techniques with Ted Klontz, Tian Dayton, Joan Marineau, and Pia Mellody.   Her most valued work has been in the capacity of primary therapist in the intensive 5-day codependent treatment program ‘A Hero’s Journey’ as well as creating and facilitating family treatment programs in South Florida. Tonya is also trained in EMDR, a technique used to help individuals heal from trauma and PTSD
She has a strong belief in a holistic, spiritual, Rogerian approach to life and therapy.  She loves helping others find their inner truth and joy

Noel Neu, MS, Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  

His purpose is to help develop a stronger sense of self and well-being in his client's lives.

His goal is to create an environment of emotional safety that fosters honesty, hope, courage, integrity, trust, and success. He aim to achieve this purpose by being an empathic listener with healthy boundaries, compassion, and acceptance that builds faith in the process. In 2000, he  gained extensive experience working with adults and adolescents in treating addiction, codependency and behavioral issues, with a special focus on helping men, women, and teens improve their communication skills and enhance their ability to set and achieve attainable goals in their lives. During his time in the field of mental health he has worked as a residential and outpatient substance abuse counselor at Comprehensive Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs, he has served as a mental health technician at Sandy Pines child/adolescent psychiatric facility, and he has been an active volunteer for the Mental Health Association and Center for Information and Crisis Services in Palm Beach County.  Noel is a wonderful addiction to the retreat with his passion for music and supporting connection with children and adults.

Keenie Valega has been a massage therapist since 1994.  She uses a variety of techniques and provides a safe environment for participants.  Her work includes, Swedish, sports, neuromuscular therapy, and performs Reiki and muscle meridian technique.  She provides the amazing rate for our participants of $60 for 60mins.

Lee Nugan, LMHC, MA
In 1984, Lee was personally tapped by Dr. John E. Upledger, developer of CranioSacral Therapy, to help establish The Upledger Institute Clinic.  Now more than 30 years later, she continues to treat adults, children and couples.  She is coming to our retreat bearing her incredible gifts to our younger children, ages 
5-11yrs old.  Lee specializes in safe and compassionate approaches like sand-play therapy and play therapy that encourage children to open up so they can resolve their physical, mental and emotional issues more effectively.  Lee has authored two books on grief,  "The Song, The Transformational Power of Grief " 
and for children 
"Gee Bear and the Journey Through Sadness"
Lee is the developer of Spirituality and Healing, a workshop she has taught in the U.S. and Europe based on principles from A Course in Miracles.
She is the author of "Healing the Mind and Body Via the Spirit" an article published in PT & OT Today.  Plus she is a certified instructor of SomatoEmotional ReleaseII workshops.  Lee has played a pivotal role in The Upledger Foundation's landmark intensive therapy programs that helped Vietnam Veterans better cope with the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 
Much of her early life was spent seriously studying piano and performing in concerts.  She recently used her love of music to create a CD called 
Compassion for the Self
intertwining music with guided imagery.  Lee takes you on a journey that allows you to release your fears and open yourself to receive more love and compassion.

Caroline Rena DeBolt

Caroline is a High Conflict Divorce/Alienation Consultant, Life Leadership Coach, Spiritual Coach, Energy Healing Practitioner, and She is also one of the mothers interviewed in the Erasing Family Documentary coming out in the Fall of 2019. She provides support groups online to those parents and families going through High Conflict Divorce and Alienation as well as educating and bringing awareness on this subject. 

Caroline guides these families who work with her through a healing process (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually) so they can not only be a safe space for their children to come back to but to also find their purpose and potentially become advocates for others going through this, in order to change the systems that are broken.

Caroline is also part of a singing/songwriting duo with Noel Neu, called Indivinity, which is reminiscent of the 70s type folk music with an added dimension of Healing Medicine Music using a 432Hz frequency. This frequency resonates healing sounds in the body as well as the words offered as stories that resonate with deep emotional, mental and soul healing. The purpose is to bring healing through us and the music to others and the planet.